AI-Powered Project & Resource Management

Efficiently plan projects based on actual capacity, balance workloads, and quickly assemble teams.

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You're managing in the dark and don't know what's happening
Mosaic gives you high-level visibility into what everyone is working on
You're using spreadsheets for complex resource management
Mosaic is a 10x more effective, specialty resource management tool
You spend hours each month exporting data for spreadsheets
Mosaic is fully integrated with your financial & HR software
Your people management workflow is slow and cumbersome
Modern AI-powered Mosaic is fast, easy to use, and intuitive
Your employees are overworked and burning out
Take control of your work and balance workload with Mosaic
Your project budgets are blown without warning
Mosaic lets you track budgets to manage scope creep
You see monthly reports long after the month is over
Mosaic’s real-time reports let you take action before it's too late
Your organization's utilization rate could be much higher
Mosaic dramatically increases the efficiency of your staff

Collaborative resource planning software

Mosaic provides visibility to plan work collaboratively, ensuring everyone knows what they need to do next —maximizing efficiency and significantly increasing profitability.


Maximize utilization without burnout

Visualize workload across teams and departments to ensure everyone is at capacity —but not overloaded. With Mosaic, you can easily see who needs help and get help from others.


Never blow a deadline again

Build your project schedules around the actual capacity of your people to understand what you can and can't get done while getting the data you need to right-size your organization.


Mosaic is everything your spreadsheets and legacy software are not, making complex processes visual & easy to use.


Mosaic's powerful AI and extensive automations help you maximize efficiency and profitability.


Mosaic gets everyone into the conversation of who’s working on what to plan and manage work together.

Dramatically improve efficiency & profitability

Avg. $175/hr


Avg. 60%

Calculate your ROI
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澳洲幸运5开奖官网-澳洲幸运5开奖结果APP下载 Unlock the skills in your organization

Mosaic provides a unified management system that breaks down company silos for instant
access to everyone, unlocking the true potential of your greatest asset, your people.

Understand your business like never before

Thanks to its out-of-the-box analytics, Mosaic gives everyone the data they need to understand what's happening in real time.

Know what your options are

Mosaic analyzes your team to identify project opportunities for people, and people for projects.  

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Know what you need

Mosaic manages demand so you know whether you need to source more work, tap internal resources, or hire.

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Know where you're going

Mosaic visualizes and forecasts workload, so you can confidently plan for the next quarter.

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Plan and manage confidently

Stop relying on your gut for strategic decisions. In a rapidly changing world, you need Mosaic to forecast workload, demand, and revenue so you can confidently plan for the future.

AI Planning

Mosaic's AI suggests people for projects and projects for people, ensuring everyone always has something to do.

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AI Forecasts

Mosaic analyzes every data point to forecast workload, role demand, and revenue.

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AI Hiring

Mosaic's AI recommends which roles you need to hire and when, enabling proactive headcount planning.

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Take action with real-time visual reports

Instead of waiting weeks after the month ends, Mosaic's visual reports tell the story behind the numbers as things play out, so you can take action before it's too late. Out-of-the-box reporting increases financial intelligence and business clarity across your organization.


Understand what's happening

Mosaic's dashboards let you see the bigger picture with real-time visibility into key performance metrics and quckly drill down into the details.

AI Planning

Mosaic automatically tracks time for easier and more accurate timesheets. Make every minute count.

AI Hiring Forecasts

Mosaic tells you what role you need to hire, and when, before it hurts.

AI Billing Forecasts

Mosaic forecasts billing based on dozens of data points for an accurate projection of future billing.


Don't take our word for it

Join the hundreds of productive teams managing thousands of projects every day on Mosaic.

Mosaic stopped the fighting over people and priorities.

Kent Lutz
Principal | CMBA

Mosaic ensures we have the right person on the right job at the right time.

Gene Phillips
Principal | Wallace Design Collective

Get Mosaic. It will change how you do things...It’s freedom from spreadsheets.

Susan Reid
Principal | Interwork


The data you need to run the business at your fingertips

Get an X-ray into the business with reports and dashboards.

Staffing/Team Leaders

The visual way to manage your team and projects

Streamline staffing meetings and get everyone on the same page.

Project Managers

The tools you need to manage any project like a pro

Easily track scope, monitor budgets, assign tasks, and plan projects.

Maximize efficiency and profitability

Mosaic is delivering the world's most powerful project planning and resource management solution. Mosaic improves communication, accountability, and employee happiness while significantly increasing profitability.


Best practices to improve how you 新澳洲幸运五开奖结果,开奖结果历史记录
manage people, projects, and the business